Porsche developing Macan Plug-in Hybrid

Porsche’s new Macan SUV is set to hit dealerships in April. Built at the newly expanded Leipzig production facility, Porsche has slowly been releasing information about its future plans for the vehicle platform.

Porsche Macan Plug-in Hybrid S e-Hybrid

CEO Matthias Meuller says the company is developing a wide range of variants, mostly including performance upgrades, but a few others are expected like a plug-in hybrid edition, and a cheaper entry-level model.

The Macan S Diesel is headed for US markets, and will produce 240 horsepower and 428 lb-ft of torque, with fuel efficiency slightly above the 30 MPG mark! Also available is a Turbo model with 400 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque.

Porsche has not given any details or time-frame on the Macan Plug-in Hybrid, other than to say they are working on it.

2 thoughts on “Porsche developing Macan Plug-in Hybrid

  1. Pat75014

    What is needed is to get the Battery capacity (> 12KWH ? >25KWH ? or less ? : The greater the better), the number of cylinder of the ICE engine (4 or 6 ? : I hope 4 on Gasoline), the Price (I hope same as other S models means €60K starting point that will end as €75K with endless required options to build a real comfortable car), and availability date (I hope ASAP. Problem is new Model s orders are now for march 2015…. So not sure when that could come in real. I need mine before July 2015…so still room here !).

    1. adminsecret Post author

      I seem to remember Porsche saying they were developing the e-Hybrid system (that is currently in the Panamera S e-Hybrid) to work in multiple vehicles, so it’s safe to assume the Macan will receive the same battery pack and electric motor as the Panamera and Cayenne S e-Hybrids


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